We offer two (2) different ways for you to attend one of our Concealed Pistol Classes;

1)  You can attend one of the classes that we teach in Lansing or Saint Johns

2)  We will hold a class at your location, throughout Michigan, if you have 25 people or more.  We do this for service organizations, businesses, unions, clubs and private groups.  If you are the individual who organizes the class in your area and you have at least 25 people to attend, you can attend the class for FREE (and you can be the 25th person, so you only need 24 more).

      If we hold a class at your location, you will need to provide a place to hold the class, it can be most anywhere (even a home) as long as there is a white wall for projection overheads.  You will need to provide a legal shooting location, such as a gun club, shooting range, or even a farm in the country that allows the shooting of .22 caliber pistols.  This allows us to provide the class to you at the $80.00 price.  To learn more about class at your location:  

     To hold a class at your location or to attend one of the classes we teach in Lansing or Saint Johns oncealed Pistol License Class register here at
or call 989.224.3210.            

Michigan CPL / CCW (NRA’s - Personal Protection in the Home) course is an eight (8) hour course that occasionally will run slightly over with large classes.  This course complies with requirements of: PA 372 of 1927 Sec. 5J2(b) as amended by PA 381 of 2000 and PA 719 of 2002, Sec. 5J.  It covers firearm safety, defensive shooting, firearms and the law, use of deadly force strategies for home safety, and responding to a violent confrontation.  It includes a minimum one hour from a qualified attorney or law enforcement officer on the legal aspects of CCW and required shooting range time.  You will receive a 200 page NRA book and you must pass a firearm's proficiency test prior to receiving a Certificate of Completion that is needed in order to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.


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        We reserve the right to not accept anyone's attendance in our CPL Classes.

         The CPL Application is:  http://michigan.gov/documents/ri-012_7736_7.pdf

      Copyright 2009 Educational Assistance Group, Inc.  All rights reserved.

                      www.michiganccwclass.com.  All rights reserved.


Copyright ©2009 Educational Assistance Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

www.michiganccwclass.com All rights reserved..

MichiganTeaching CPL / CCW Classes and firearm related programs, in Michigan, and empowering the public is the mission of Educational Assistance Group, Inc. Our instructors have a total of over 75 years of experience in the law enforcement field, holding impressive positions and acquiring numerous certificates and awards for their dedication to their field of law enforcement.  Each of our instructors has a minimum of 20 years training police academy cadets in basic firearms and basic firearms related subjects

 $80.00 Full Class Fee (no hidden fees).  Free:  Handgun, ammunition, safety equipment, range usage, NRA books and materials, coffee and cookies all day

."All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

Edmund Burke Irish Orator, philosopher & politician (1729 - 1797)


 Lansing:  each class can hold 44 attendees - CPL attendees

Saint Johns:  each class can hold 100 attendees - CPL attendees

September 19th    33 attendees available (Lansing) (Saturday) CPL Class - room available

September 20th    96 attendees available (Saint Johns) (Sunday) CPL Class - room available

September 26th     38 attendees available (Lansing) (Saturday) CPL Class - room available


The quickest way to sign up is via email at michiganccwclass@aol.com.  If you need to do this by phone, we need 4 pieces of information. 

1)  date of the class and location

2) your name(s)

3) your email address and

4) your phone number

If you leave this information on our answering machine, we will put you in the class you want and send you an attendance email.  If we are available, we will answer the phone.

*waiting list:  Just to let you know, this class needs a waiting list.  Just email michiganccwclass@aol.com and tell us what time you want to be called, such as 9:00pm or 10:00pm Friday night or 6:00am or 7:00am Saturday morning.  You may also chose another class to be in while you are waiting to be in the one you want.

CPL - Concealed Pistol License

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