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We will teach a CPL Class at your location, throughout Michigan, if you have 25 people or more for the class.  We do this for service organizations, businesses, unions, clubs and private groups. 

Attendees will receive a Certificate upon completion of the class and a 200 page NRA book entitled, Personal Protection in the Home.


For more information, read what steps to take to schedule a CPL  Class in your area of Michigan below.


Call Jan at 989.224.3210 or email her @ janicesipple@michiganccwclass.com to schedule a CPL Class in your area of Michigan. 


Read more about our Instructor's Credentials.


If the Government doesn't trust us with our guns, why should we trust them with theirs?  Unknown


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Thank you for learning more about holding a CPL Class in your area of Michigan!

 If I can answer any questions for you let me know.  Jan 

  Email Jan at janicesipple@michiganccwclass.com



Below are the steps to take for us to hold a CPL / CCW Class at your location, what you can expect in our class as well as a map directing you to the class location.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me


Janice Sipple


EAG, Inc./dba michiganccwclass.com



WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR YOU TO HOLD A CPL CLASS IN YOUR AREA OF MICHIGAN?:  We will hold a class at your location, throughout Michigan, if you have 25 people or more. We do this for service organizations, businesses, unions, clubs and private groups.  If you are the individual who organizes the class in your area and you have at least 25 people to attend, you can attend the class for FREE (and you can be the 25th person, so you only need 24 more)


We request that a person be designated as the individual in charge of organizing the class at your location. The process runs much smoother. We also prefer to work with only the person organizing the class at your location.


WHAT IS THE COST OF THE CLASS?:  The cost of the class for each attendee is $80.00. Again, this is based upon the attendance of 25 people. 


WHAT DO I / WE NEED TO DO TO HAVE YOU COME TO OUR AREA OF MICHIGAN AND TEACH A CPL  CLASS?:   If we hold a class at your location in Michigan, you will need to provide a place to hold the class.  It can be most anywhere (even a home) as long as there is ample room for all of the attendees.  We bring a power point projector along with a very large white projection screen.


You will also need to provide a legal shooting location, such as a gun club, shooting range, or even a farm in the country that allows the shooting of 22 caliber pistols. 


By providing both of these locations, it allows us to travel to you and provide the class to each individual at the $80.00 price per person.


HOW DO I SCHEDULE THE CLASS DATE?:  When you are ready to schedule a date for your class, just call Jan at  michiganccwclasss.com, at 989.224.3210 or email Jan at  michiganccwclass@aol.com.  When you give all the

details to Jan, she will then you in contact with Range Instructor Robert Sipple.  He will set a date up for you within one day of your call... and the date scheduled will be within 1 or 3 weeks of your call... unless you have a specific date of your own.


WHEN DO I SEND PAYMENT FOR THE ATTENDEES OF THE CLASS?:  Our policy is that for CPL Classes where we have to come to your area of Michigan, we need the Full Class Fee of $80.00 for each attendee paid to us or to know that the person in charge of organizing the group has collected the $80.00 Full Class Fee from each attendee, before we will leave to hold the class in your area.  This protects us from traveling a long way to only find a few attendees showed up for the class. 


I'M IN CLASS ALL DAY - WHAT ABOUT FOOD?:   Since you are providing the class location, it would be a good idea to have coffee, tea and doughnuts or cookies (or something else) for the attendees of the class to enjoy during the whole day.  There is a 1 to 1 ˝ hour lunch break where most groups leave and eat at a local restaurant, fast food restaurant or some groups have their lunch catered or brought into the classroom.  Whatever the organizer or group decides. 


HOW LONG IS THE CLASS?:  The class is an eight (8) hour course that occasionally will run slightly over with large classes. It starts at 8:00am and ends between 5:00pm and 6:00pm. 


WHEN DO I GET MY CERTIFICATE OF CLASS COMPLETION?:  You will receive a 200 page NRA book when you arrive to class and a Certificate of Completion that is needed in order to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License when you leave on the day of the class. 


Michigan CPL / CCW (NRA’s - Personal Protection in the Home) course is an eight (8) hour course that occasionally will run slightly over with large classes. This course complies with requirements of: PA 372 of 1927 Sec. 5J2(b) as amended by PA 381 of 2000 and PA 719 of 2002, Sec. 5J.  It covers firearm safety, defensive shooting, firearms and the law, use of deadly force strategies  for home safety, and responding to a violent confrontation.  It includes a minimum one hour from a qualified attorney or law enforcement officer on the legal aspects of CCW and required shooting range time. You will receive a 200 page NRA book and you must pass a firearm's proficiency test prior to receiving a certificate of completion that is needed in order to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.


 We reserve the right to not accept anyone's attendance in our CPL Classes



Why are we able to provide our CPL / CCW Classes to you at only $80.00? 

Because we choose to!


Our instructors and staff believe that the citizens of the state of Michigan have a right to keep and

bear arms under both the Michigan and the United States Constitution.


Our classes are of high quality and have the best instructors Unlike classes held with other instructors, everything needed for this class is provided by us; handguns (Ruger Mark 3 - 22 caliber target pistols), ammunition and safety equipment.  After all, we want to make sure that no one is a victim and that all qualified Michigan citizens are allowed the chance to obtain their CPL / CCW License. 


 NEW POLICY AS OF JANUARY 9th, 2011Please do not bring your own firearm, as we know the reliability

 and the functioning of the firearms that are utilized.  You may bring your own safety equipment. 




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We do not allow the recording (audio or visual) of our CPL Classes.  We have many attendees in our CPL Classes that do mind the recording of our classes. They do not want their questions (many legal and personal) and the answers to those questions recorded, nor do they want to be visually taped. Therefore, we do not allow the recording (audio or visual) of any content of our CPL Classes.  Additionally, much of the content of our classes (audio and visual) is the work product produced by our instructors.  This is personal property of our Company and cannot be reproduced or used in any fashion or anywhere without the express written permission of Janice Sipple or Robert Sipple, EAG, Inc, dba michiganccwclass.com