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Lansing Michigan:  Here are some of the comments that attendees from our classes have to say about us.  From our classes, instructors, our customer service or anything else... we are eager to hear from you.  Let us know what you think about your experience with our organization.  We love suggestions, comments and praise. We post it all!


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All comments and suggestions are answered by an Instructor(s) and Janice.


July 14, 2012



This is my testimonial for your CPL class. Please feel free to use it (or
not) as you wish.

My wife and I attended the Lansing class on April 28, 2012 as a birthday
gift to me. The instructors Bob Sipple, Jack Phillips, and Steve Relyea
were very courteous, knowledgeable, and engaging. The information presented
was concise without being too technical or intimidating. The instructors
were friendly, and their presentation styles ensured that the students never
lost interest.

My wife was more than a little apprehensive in attending the class, but to
her pleasant surprise there were several other women in the class, and the
instructors made them feel very much at ease. Bob, Jack, and Steve went out
of their way to ensure that the women of the class were included in the
discussions, that they understood the material presented, yet at no time did
the instructors "talk down" to them. At all times they were professional,
patient, and encouraging, especially during the live fire qualification
portion of the class.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the class, and we both received our CPL licenses
on July 9th.

Thank you for a fantastic (and affordable!) CPL class. I am now looking
forward to my birthday next year, when I hope to attend the advanced NRA
Personal Protection Outside the Home class.

John & Mary S.

Thanks, again, Janice!


John and Mary:


Thank you so much for the wonderful testimonial you sent about your experience while attending our April 28th CPL Class. I am so glad that you both had a good impression of the Instructors and how the CPL Class was handled. I am proud of the Instructors... they really do go out of their way to make all attendees feel relaxed and to as well feel comfortable during all portions of the CPL Class, but the shooting portion of the class especially.


We do get some people, women in particular, that are nervous or apprehensive about attending one of our CPL Classes. I spend quite a bit of time talking over the phone with some of them. We all feel it is important that every qualified Michigan citizen be able to get their CPL License, but we feel all women, since they are more vulnerable as well as the elderly, get a handgun and their CPL Licenses. Feedback like yours helps other people feel more comfortable about attending a CPL Class.


Thank you again so much and can't wait to see you next April for our Personal Protection Outside the Home Course (PPOTH).

 I'm passing this email onto Steve and Bob today. Thank you so much and see you in the spring hopefully!






February 11, 2012




My husband Doug and I attended today’s CPL class and can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed it. We learned a lot and Bob, Steve and Jack kept it very interesting. Frankly I dreaded the thought of sitting through an 8 hour class but the time just flew by!


We want to thank the instructors for taking the time to be involved with a project that must be very time consuming for them. Their ability to communicate the importance of avoiding confrontation first and foremost was excellent.


We’re looking forward to the possibility of attending personal protection classes if they come to fruition.




Doug and Pauline Michels


Hi Doug and Pauline:


Thank you so much for taking the time to send your comments on the CPL Class you attended yesterday. What a great testimonial of the instructors and program. I am so glad that you enjoyed the CPL Class and it was lively enough to keep your attention. As I always say, the instructors go out of their way to keep the attendees "entertained" yet covering the material needed.


All of us here find it an honor to have combat veterans in our CPL Classes knowing what a sacrifice they have paid for the sake of our liberty. Some of those veterans who have earned their Purple Hearts, like you have Doug, by shedding their own blood in the sacrifice hold a special place in our hearts. It was a real pleasure as well, on my part, to have worked with you through the registration process. What nice people you both are! Thank you so much for attending one our CPL Classes.

I will forward your email to each instructor. They love to hear feedback from the attendees of our classes.






 February 4, 2012

I recently attended the CPL class at the Lansing Airport. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable about handgun laws and regulations, answering all questions asked by the class. The course itself was rather simple but still provided me with a lot of insight I had not known before. I am an active duty military member and was treated with the utmost respect from the staff while attending this class. I have nothing but good things to say in reference to Bob, Jack, Steve, and Jan...I will always suggest this class to anyone looking to get the training needed to achieve a CPL. God bless and thank you for everything.

BU2 (SCW) Nossal, Joseph B.


"Better to fight for something than live for nothing."
George S. Patton




I know that it has been one week since you sent your comments to us about the CPL Class you attended. I usually answer comments and testimonials much sooner, but we have been inundated with requests to attend our CPL Classes in the last few weeks. I read your testimonial the day you sent it and I have thought about it everyday wanting to respond to it, but answering the phone and sending emails trying to fit people into our classes by the hundreds.


Thank you so much for the great comments you made about the instructors and about our CPL Class in general. I will make sure the instructors get your email. While you gave us great feedback about your experience with our company, you know that I, and all the instructors here, found it to be an honor just to be able to have you in one of our CPL Classes as we do with all active military and veterans.


Thank you for referring our CPL Classes to other people. If there is anything any of us can ever do for you, please just call. Again an honor having you in the class.





 February 4, 2012

Hi Jan-

I attended your CPL class today and I just wanted to say how great I think your class is. It was well worth the drive from Flint. Bob, Steve, and Jack are so knowledgeable and teach the material so well that the day just flew by. I thought it was great when Steve stood by the lady sitting in front of me while they were passing around guns and explained them to her because she was nervous about handling them. I now have a whole new respect for handguns. Thanks again for such a great class.

Zach Overby


Hi Zach:


Thank you for your great comments about our CPL Class you attended. Although I founded and run the day to day activities at michiganccwclass.com, it is our instructors that deserve the credit for their hard work teaching the classes and their numerous highly earned achievements, certifications and backgrounds that has made michiganccwclass.com one of the fast growing companies for CPL Class Certification in Michigan it is today.


Bob, Jack and Steve work hard to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and gain the knowledge that they have been looking for. They try to work as a team and truly appreciate the feedback that people leave about their experiences in the class. I will be certain to pass this on to the guys and let them know what you have said about them. As well, Zach, it was a pleasure working with you during the registration process and getting you into one of our CPL Classes. Thank you again Zach.





 January 7, 2012

Hi Jan,

My husband and I took the CPL class today with Bob, Steve and Jack and I just wanted to write and say that it was a phenomenal class! All three of these men were so pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly. The class flowed and went very smoothly! It was helpful, informative and entertaining at the same time! All three of the men teaching the class were such a joy to be around and you can tell they really love what they do. It was well worth the drive from Dearborn to Lansing! Please tell them thank you from us. And to you, thank you for being so helpful, friendly and pleasant in registering us for the class! I noticed your last name is the same as Bob's, are you his wife? Once again, thanks to all of you!

Also, can you please pass our website along to Jack? www.amtbf.com

Thank you,

Shadia and Anthony Moses

Hi Shadia and Moses:


What a wonderful testimonial you have written about the CPL Class you attended with us. I know after the class the guys said... "there were these two really cool attendees in the class... so nice". They were talking about both of you. I can see why now. : ) Thank you for driving all the way from Dearborn to attend our January 7, 2012 CPL Class. You are right, the instructors, Bob, Steve and Jack really do love teaching the CPL Classes we offer. It is a passion for all of us here... getting the CPL License in the hands of as many qualified Michigan citizens as possible. I also checked out your website. Looks like you have a passion for what you do too. I will be reviewing your website more.


Thanks for attending again Shadia and Moses! If you need anything from any of us, please give us a call!





  December 20, 2011

  Good Evening, Bob and Jan!
  Jan, I enjoyed talking with you yesterday, and I apologize for my tardiness in writing this to you.
  On January 17, 2011, I was privileged to attend the Concealed Pistol License class that your organization provided. I

  found it to be a most comprehensive class, and I learned many things relating to the responsibilities of concealed carry

  and self defense.
  I was particularly impressed with the expertise of all three instructors, Bob Sipple, Jack Phillips, and Steve Relyea. Their

  individual teaching styles and areas of knowledge complemented each other well. Throughout the class, these three

  gentlemen spoke from experience, and would often tag team to make their point.
  Though the class ran over ten hours, with time out for lunch, I found it very compelling and easy to comprehend. At no

  time during the day was there a lapse in teaching, and every topic flowed smoothly into the next. It was obvious that

  these fine instructors have a passion for what they are teaching, and that they believe in the individual right to carry

  concealed and to defend oneself.
  But it went deeper than that. I also came to understand my duty to avoid confrontation in any situation that life throws at

  me. I appreciate my right to bear arms, but through this class, I also came to appreciate that an armed society is a polite

  I highly recommend this class to anyone desiring to obtain a concealed pistol license, not simply for the sake of carrying

  concealed, but also to understand everything implied in that right.
  With respect,
  Karl Holz
  Lansing, MI
  "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18 (NIV)
  "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." Ralph Waldo Emerson


   Karl:  Thank you so much for the outstanding endorsement of the CPL Classes we teach and the instructor's

   teaching skills and of their extensive knowledge they convey to the class attendees.  Your endorsement was

   unbelievable and will be much appreciated by the instructors.  I will pass your testimonial to Bob, Jack and Steve.

   You will be hearing from one or all of the instructors.  I also would like to thank you for choosing our CPL Class to 

   attend.  It was certainly a pleasure talking with you and registering you for this class.  Please let us know if there is

   anything else we can do for you in the future.  With much appreciation....


   Janice Sipple



 October 4, 2011

Thank you for presenting such a insightful and informative class. Whether you choose to carry or not is your choice; and the class presented that so well. I could have listened all day long. All the information presented was beneficial, from textbook information to personal experience. I loved it! Thank you!


Arlene Schneider

Arlene Schneider

Michigan State University




I would like to thank you for your comments on the class. We always hope that people who attend “get something” out of it. I hope that it was an even enough blend of information to have answered all of your questions about CPL and will help you in your decision to continue down this path.


Robert H Sipple, D/Sgt

Clinton County S D



  June 19, 2011

Hi my name is Kris Hawley and I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you. Bob and Jack were awesome instructors and kept the class interested with there humor. Bob's Mr Snuffie lines were great. Both instructors know there stuff very well and are very down to earth people. Again thank you!



I wanted to let you know that we did receive your great email about your thoughts on the CPL Class you attended last Saturday.  Thank you... what a nice email.  I know... Bob and his Mr. Snuffie stories.  Too funny!  But, sincerely, I am glad you found the CPL class interesting and thank you for the nice comments about the instructors.  I am passing your email on to the instructors right now, and you will hear back from them in a day or two.  They are always happy to hear from the attendees of the classes.  Thank you so much Kris!  Jan



   April 22, 2011

Hey Jan... Don't know if you remember me or not but My wife and I and several friends took your classes this last winter. Now all of us minus one have our CPL's. Thanx to you and your crew for your help and expertise! I carry openly everywhere I go, so I get to interact with a lot of people concerning the carry of a handgun in Michigan. When they ask me where I got my CPL, I send them to you all! Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. God bless you all and keep up the good work!


Daniel Brewer, Owosso


Daniel... of course I remember you!  I am so happy everyone (but one) got their CPL's.  We have actually had a lot of people take the class and never get their CPL's.  That surprises all of us.  Thanks for sending people our way... much appreciated!  Maybe that is why our classes are so full right now : )   I am sending your email on to the Instructors (they love feedback from the attendees).  Thanks again!  Jan



   April 19, 2011

I just wanted to drop an email to say thanks to both the instructors for their extent knowledge and humorous teaching style (that makes the day go by faster), and to Jan (who will go above and beyond to make sure you get into a class that fits your schedule, even if that means unregistering for one and reregistering for another and having your down payment forwarded).  Even though we had a large class on April 10th, the instructors made you feel like you were the only one there!!  This is a top notch organization!!


Aaron McLearen


We are all so very happy that you enjoyed the CPL class you attended.  It did turn out to be quite a large class.  I am glad the Instructors made it all work out.  They love feedback from the attendees and they are going to enjoy your email.  I am especially grateful for the kind words you wrote about my work efforts.  I do really love scheduling individuals so they can get their CPL's.  I am forwarding your email on to the Instructors right now.  You will hear back from them... with Easter around the corner, you may hear from them after Easter, but you will hear from them.  

Thanks Aaron!  Jan



   April 18, 2011



    My name is Tim Korotney and I attended your April 16th class.  I wanted to tell you, and the guys, that it was an excellent class.  They kept things interesting, and us awake. LOL.  I am going to recommend this class to everyone.  It was well worth my hour and 45 min travel!!!  Please pass on my joy to the guys and thank you again!!




Tim Korotney


Tim, thank you for the really nice email you sent to us about our CPL Class you attended.  We are glad you found the class interesting and were able to stay awake through it.  : )  The instructors do try to add a little humor (some good and bad jokes, stories and funny comments).  We are really glad you made the 1 3/4 hour drive to attend our CPL Class and the fact that you would recommend our CPL Classes to others means a great deal to all of us.  Jan




  April 17, 2011

i just wanted to drop a quick note to the staff of the CPL class held on april 16, 2011. great class! i can't tell you how much i enjoyed your class. everyone was well prepared and knowledgeable. i really like the time you took to pass around all the different pistols. that was cool. but the bottom line is i believe that you helped prepare me with all aspects of carrying a pistol. not just the physical part but the mental part, which i believe is very important. again, thank you so much for a job well done.it might not mean much but whenever i hear of someone wanting to attend a CPL class i will strongly suggest they attend your class. GREAT job,staff. sincerely, tom marr 


What a great email Tom!  We are so glad you enjoyed our CPL Class.  It means ALOT that you will recommend our CPL Classes to other people!  Much appreciated.  Thank you so much Tom!  Jan




 April 7, 2011

I wanted to email to say how much I enjoyed the April 2 CPL Class.  I have been a college professor since 1978 (UMASS and MSU) and I am always reluctant to sit through 8 hours of instruction ... been in a classroom too much. But the instructors were very good at getting important concepts and information thought to the participants without overwhelming them.   Although an NRA class I thought it provided an excellent balance of the benefits and concerns related to carrying a concealed weapon.   The information was very well presented. So pass along my thanks...Ed


Thank you so much Ed for your feedback and very nice testimonial of our Instructor's performance.  I am sending along your email to our Instructors.  Jan




 March 1, 2011

I cannot begin to explain what an amazing job these people do putting this class on.  I went through the class with two of my buddies and we were all impressed.  They take the stress and worry out of the process while impressing upon us what we need to know.  They are entertaining at the same time ensuring you understand the seriousness of the information they are teaching.  I cannot endorse these people strong enough.  The classes are full and for good reason.  The cost is already basically half the price as most others and its a one day class.  Who could ask for more.  Thank you very much for all you did.

Allen Johnston
FAA, Lansing MI


Allen... Bob, Jack and Hank say "Thank You" for the great testimonial.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.  Great having you and your friends in the class!   Jan




March 3, 2011


Bob & Janice,


I wanted to say thank you for registering me for the CPL Class!  I have learned great techniques to keep the kids and I safe.  I am very grateful for having the opportunity to take this class.  The two of you have went above & beyond for me and I am very grateful!  Thank you for everything!




Tracy... thank you for sending the handwritten note.  It was a pleasure having you in the class.  So glad that you have taken the steps to keep your family safe.  Let us know if you need anything else.  We are a phone call away!  Jan



 November 8, 2010

I want to congratulate you on providing a very satisfying and valuable experience. The whole experience, from talking to Jan on the phone, to the organization at the training facility, to the presentations themselves and to the range activities, was all very well organized, professional, and cordial.


I had a CPL license in Massachusetts for over 40 years and have taken several courses, range evaluations, and written tests associated with renewing that license. Those courses pale in comparison to the one presented on Saturday. Bob and Jack are very knowledgeable and provide presentations that are lively and interesting --- and sometimes very funny.


My first phone contact with Jan made me feel that I wanted to be associated with your organization. Bob, Jack, and Hank all engendered the same feelings.


Thank you,

John Donahue


 Answer:  Thank you John!  Jan


  January 9, 2011

    Officer Bob Sipple

     I would like to thank you and the others involved in the class Sat 1-8-2011 for a great presentation. The legality parts of the class are worth the fees by themselves. I  think all participents were treated with respect to age and experince. It's nice not to be talked down to as happens in many of the gun stores.

I have two other St J. residents looking for class openings. If you can ever use a reference please use me.


Thanks again................Bobby Everett


Answer:  Thank you Bobby!  Jan


  April 5, 2010

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


    I just wanted to let you know that, that class was nothing like I expected. Bob and Jack did a very outstanding job - the three of us who are in the Military were very impressed with the way the instruction was relayed and the breakdown of the class. I have already recommended it to a lot of folks that I know.

So impressed, thank you for the opportunity and please pass my regards to the instructors...If you have a flyer or something in that nature I would be very happy to pass it around here at work and to my friends.

It was very beneficial instruction and we all learned a lot of info.

Bob may remember me, I was the guy with the black hammerless S&W .38 5 shot revolver.

There is no better deal out there than your class!

Thank you.

SSG Smith, Derek S.


Answer:  Thank you Derek!




January 8, 2011

(hand written note)


Jan, Jack, Bob & Hank,

Thank you all for the wonderful experience I had in taking your CPL class -- from registration to completion, it was first rate.  I came away from the experience feeling that I would be safer in my home because of what I had learned.  I have already recommended you to my friends so they will, too.  You guys are the best!  Thanks! 




Answer:  Laurie, you were a great attendee.  Thank you for taking the time to send a handwritten thank-you note.  Jan



 January 15, 2011

How in the Heck are we to tell people what we think of you when you don't have a link? hahahaha

I just have to say Janine and I were very happy with the information and training we received today. Bob should keep his day job cause he's not that funny!!! We REALLY enjoyed him and his humor and his knowledge. Jack was also a very interesting and enjoyable speaker. I wanted to ask the name of the book he read from. I'm interested in reading it. Even Hank was very helpful with our questions.

Again I want to thank You for a wonderful experience, I believe Janine and I are on our way to spending quality time together while learning more about handguns and enjoying the benefits they offer.

Thank You

Rick & Janine 

PS I'm sure we will have more questions in the future


Answer:  The book Jack reads from during class is:  Right to Keep and Bare Arms:  Author is Skip Coryell. Thanks Rick and Janine.  We enjoyed having you in the class. Jan  (I've added a link for people to leave feedback per Rick's suggestion!)




September 23, 2010


Hi Jan, Bob and Jack,

    Just a note about Eaton Co. fees.  The $108 fee at Co. clerks office included  fingerprints at sheriff next door and laminating fee ($3).

Thanks for the information about the pistol safe.   I kick myself for not getting 2 when they were on sale for $79 at Dunams.  Lately $99, but I'll wait till fall on sale again!   We went through St Johns recently and asked about a gun shop in town and no one knew of one and not in yellow pages.  We found it was the hardware after looking at notes from Bob and Jack.  We'll go that way again.  Thanks for the help and notes.  I'm from Mt Pleasant area  originally and miss the farm area folks which your guys reminded me of.  

   We were wondering how Bob and or Jack compare the 9mm vs. 45 cal. for personal protection or target in their use or opinion. 

Dean and Laura Wood


September 15, 2010


Hi Jan,

   We enjoyed the class and especially Bob and Jack.  Both were very interesting, good speakers and nice guys.  It was a pleasure to meet them.

It would be helpful to make it more clear on your site and in class that you can download the CPL application from your site and fill in prior to going to the county clerks office. 

     They showed the pistol safe with the finger touch to open , which we had seen and planned to buy.  BUT now please pass on to the guys the following web site on that safe!!!  They and we have to ck out to see if it's true with all or even some of the pistol safes.  Thanks.. Dean and Laura Wood




Answer:  Dean and Laura:


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback on the CPL Class you attended.  I have passed the positive comments on to both Bob and Jack. 


I love your idea about being able to download the CPL Application from our website prior to going to the County Clerk's Office.  I will be adding that feature to our website in the next few days.  I know a few weeks ago, someone else suggested putting the states that honor Michigan's CPL Licenses (CPL reciprocity) on our website and each states CPL laws in which they would be traveling in.  I added that extra link with the information and the feedback has been very positive.  I love to hear the great ideas from our attendees. (Both the downloadable Michigan Conceal Pistol License Application and the states that honor Michigan CPL License have been added to our website). 


As for the mini-gun vault safe video... that was intriguing.  I showed it to Bob, who has the exact same model and 2 other models.  He had to go and get them right away and try tapping the front of the safe like shown.  He did it over and over and over again.... until his knuckles were bright red. None ever opened in that manner.  He called Jack and another instructor who has the model and some others; they also tried, to no avail.  Bob said the people on the video must have had a defective model or it was somehow rigged to do that.  We would hope that someone watching that video would not just assume that tapping the front of the safe near the locking mechanism... or anywhere else... would quickly open the safe.  Every moment counts when in a situation where your firearm is needed.  Might be a good warning for people who watch that video that this does not work, or they should definitely try it several times first, so they don't put their lives or their families lives in jeopardy.


Keep us posted as to if you find a mini-gun safe that does open in such as manner.  Would be good to know.


Thank you so much again for your feedback.  If there is anything we can do for you in the future, please let us know.






August 25, 2010


We loved the class. My husband and I were both granted our CPL in July by Isabella County, there were about 40 people in our gun board hearing. WOW!  Now if I can find a good place to conceal my pistol I will be all set!


Have a great day!




Answer:  Thank you Allison!  Jan




August 17, 2010


GOD has placed us on the same path for a reason (at this particular time in life). What a fantastic class!  I feel so much safer now!


I had the opportunity to take this class several times in the past however, GOD said the time is now for the class. I also had the opportunity to take the class else where, however, GOD said this is where you will take thie class.


There is a reason for every season and HE saw fit for me to be in one of the classes at your site and come into communication w/you. You have truly been a blessing during this process. Your communications skills are just awesome!


I will definitely be in touch.   


 GOD is good and HE makes no mistakes.

  Answer:  Thank you Penny and God Bless You!  Jan




June 26, 2010


Bob and Jan,
Thanks so very much for welcoming us to your class today.  Tom and I have a very good time and were blessed to have joined you in a very informative session.  Keep up the wonderful work.  Our great nation needs lots of folks like you two.
Ray and Tom


Answer:  Thanks Ray and Tom!  Jan




April 5, 2010


I just wanted to thank you all who put this class together.  The information presented was concise and highly informative.  I really appreciated the presentation of common law, how it is applied in Michigan courts, and examples of actual events based on your experiences. 

Jim Dexter=


Answer:  Thank you Jim!  Jan




March 16, 2010


Jan, I just wanted to thank Bob, Jack, and Hank, and you of course, for such a nice job they did teaching our class. It was very informational and the range time was well organized. Now if they could just tell me where I could find some .380 defense rounds, haha !! Anyway it was a very nice experience.  Thanks again, Dennis


Answer:  Thank you Dennis... I'll ask Bob about the .380!  Jan






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